Partnering with Capital Radiosurgery Centers

For any owner of a practice, finding the right successor can be a delicate process. When phasing out of leadership, there are many points to consider:

  • Ensuring continued quality of care to patients and relationships with referrers and employees: finding the right person(s) to take over;
  • Personal transition: managing a smooth phase out;
  • Capital: getting the appropriate value for what has been built over many years.
Capital Radiosurgery Centers’ management is experienced in these situations.

We can accompany you through the acquisition process, and work with you to put together a plan that will include:

  • Optimized transfer of shares: one-off or in stages; option to reinvest in the next stage of growth, taking into consideration efficient structuring;
  • Professional activity: gradual phase-out or immediate cessation; potential consulting activities, etc.
  • Financing of share participation of incoming doctors (if relevant).

Separation situations (e.g. the merger of radiology and radiotherapy activities) can also be addressed using a similar approach.

Capital Radiosurgery Centers prefers to partner with entrepreneurs.

Examples of situations where we can invest alongside ambitious professionals:

  • Expansion: adding a new piece of equipment in its existing premises
  • Geographical expansion: Acquiring one or more existing sites to create a local or regional network.
  • Renewal: replacing an old equipment with state-of-the art technology
  • Greenfield projects: opening a new center justified by unserved needs (eg new technology).
  • Relocation: moving an existing operation into new premises.

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